Children and Family Ministries

As the Baugh Center for Baptist Leadership continues to focus on lay leadership in local congregations, we began an initiative specifically for leaders in children’s and family ministries. We recognize the number of people involved in these ministries and the expertise needed to effectively minister to young people with care. This initiative seeks to provide resources and training opportunities for all those engaged in this vital ministry.

Children’s Leaders’ Continued Learning

These new courses are designed for lay leaders who serve as the director or other positions of leadership within children’s ministry for their church, but for whom seminary is not the right fit. These courses seek to bridge the gap between the expertise and experience these leaders bring from their own background and professional life, and the particular skills and topics in children’s ministry.

To take advantage of the INCM Offer, please email Harrison Litzell at, with your name, church, and mention that you learned of this program through INCM!

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