CLF Hybrid

As the Baugh Center for Baptist Leadership continues to focus on lay leadership in local congregations, and we believe in education within this setting. We designed these courses to supply churches with new topics and resources that can be used in their context. We supply the books, videos, questions, and topics so that you can get a group together and learn in community.


Models of Moral Leadership

Based on Moral Leadership in a Divided Age by David Gushee and Colin Holtz, this course examines the lives and legacies of 9 leaders from history. Students will talk about these leaders in order to ask questions of ethics and leadership. There are video lectures from Harrison Litzell as well as discussion questions for each session.


Mysteries of Suffering

Based on the book, Evil & the Garden of Good by Page Fulgham, this course takes a pastoral and caring look at the question of suffering. Participants and invited to not only think of the suffering they have witnessed and experienced, but to ask deep questions in conversation with St. Augustine and St. Ignatius. Page Fulgham shares more in the videos and offers discussion questions for groups.



Being Baptist

What does it mean to be Baptist? Why does a Baptist identity matter? What does it look like to be Baptist in the church and in the world? Harrison Litzell asks these questions of pastors and Baptist leaders across these two webinars. These conversations are great starting places for leaders in churches to further explore being Baptist.